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When exploring your flooring options consider hardwood in Macomb, IL. Hardwood flooring is an affordable option that will bring value and durability to your home.

Today hardwood floors are very desirable. Maintenance is made easy by hardwood flooring and often simply sweeping or vacuuming will do the job. Your choice of hardwood will even help your indoor air quality as the flooring does not harbor dust mites and mold as carpet often does.

You will be amazed at the variety and selection available for hardwood in Macomb, IL. Hollister Home Center offers hardwood flooring in many different widths, styles, colors and textures. We’ll help you explore your options and meet your unique needs.

Mohawk Hardwood Flooring is available in two major categories: engineered and solid. An engineered floor is made of several layers (usually five to nine) of solid hardwood glued together in alternating directions. This construction provides a very strong, stable flooring that will give many years of service. A solid hardwood adds the possibility of re-sanding the floor down the road, but with the finish on newer hardwood flooring, sanding a floor and adding a new finish is nearly a thing of the past.

Most Mohawk hardwood flooring is grown and manufactured in the United States. To see styles and patterns, visit  our Mohawk Product Catalog.